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Most Popular


Arcade Legends 2 with 125 Games

All original arcade programming. Wells Gardner 25 inch monitor (not a computer monitor), and real arcade controls, including two joysticks, a 3 inch trackball, and multiple buttons. Customize sound volume and delete high scores through the interactive menu (controlled via joysticks and buttons). Plugs into AC with a 6 foot cord. An unprecedented value for the home gameroom enthusiast. Full size cabinet with 25" color monitor and real arcade controls.  Click here for list of 125 games

Item 7212
Arcade Legends 2 with 125 Games

Retail Price $3995   Our price $2795

Brand New Arcade Legends Multi-Game

Full Size Cabinet 25" Wells-Gardner Monitor Real Arcade Controls including 2 Joysticks, 3" Trackball and Buttons Attractive and Easy Selection Interface
67" H X 26" W X 34" D 340 lbs Upright
34" H X 24" W X 46"D 250 lbs Cocktail
New 3.0 Version Comes with 50 Games Installed
  • Asteroids
  • Asteroids Deluxe
  • Bagman
  • Battlezone  ™
  • Berzerk   ™
  • Black Widow   ™
  • Bombjack Twin ™
  • Centipede
  • Commando
  • Crystal Castles ™
  • Dark Stalkers ™
  • Do Run Run™
  • Exed Exes™
  • Ghosts 'N Goblins ™
  • Ghouls 'N Ghosts™
  • Gravitar ™ 
  • Gunsmoke   ™;
  • Frenzy  ™;
  • Ladybug ™ 
  • Legendary Wings  ™;
  • Liberator ™ 
  • Lunar Lander ™ 
  • Major Havoc ™ 
  • Mega Man ™  
  • Mercs™  
  • Millipede ™ 
  • Missile Command
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Mr. Do! ™
  • Mr. Do!'s Castle ™ 
  • Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride   ™
  • Penguin Wars ™
  • Pinball Action ™
  • Pinbo ™ 
  • Red Baron ™ 
  • Saboten Bomber ™
  • Section Z Side Arms™
  • Space Duel ™ 
  • Speedball ™
  • Street Fighter II ™
  • Speedball ™ 
  • Strider ™ 
  • Super Breakout ™ 
  • Super Dodge Ball ™
  • Tempest   ™
  • Vulgas &trade
  • Warlords   ™
  • Zero Wings™
  • 1941 ™
  • 1942 ™

Item 7201A Arcade Legends Upright
Retail Price: $3995   Our Price: $2995
Item 7204 Arcade Legends Cocktail
Retail Price: $3995   Our Price: $2895
Mega Pack Upgrade
Mega Pack Game Upgrade

Midway Treasure Pack Logo
Midway Arcade Treasures 1 Game Upgrade

Arcade Legends Sports Pack Upgrade
Sports Pack Game Upgrade

Arcade Legends Dragon's Lair 20th Anniversary Pack Upgrade
Dragon's Lair / Space Ace Game Upgrade
Arcade Legends Casino Legends Pack Upgrade
Casino Legends Game Upgrade

Dynamo ProStyle

ProStyle hockey table was designed by Professionals and is unconditionally approved for play by the U.S.
Air-Hockey Table Association.
  • Electronic scorekeeper features side-mounted LED display
  • Heavy-duty polystyrene legs adjust with easy-leveling bases
  • Durable leg levelers for easy adjustment
  • Inclined sides offer improved player comfort
  • Patented "Dyna-Blast" blower system delivers fast, non-stop action
  • Regulation-size playing surface 4' x 8'and Commercial-quality cabinet construction for home play.
  • Tournament-tested rails ensure accuracy and reliability
  • UL approved electronics.
  • Weight 600 lbs
                        Our Best Selling Table!
Item 855 Dynamo 8 ft ProStyle Hockey Table
Retail Price: $3495   Our Price: $2695
Item 855-7 Dynamo 7 ft ProStyle Hockey Table
Retail Price: $3295   Our Price: $2495
Add Overhead Electronic Scoring   Our Price: $599   

Click for more detail
  • DMI Model HT500 - 8 Foot
  • Thin Profile Design and Full Aluminum Top and Bottom Rail
  • Maximum 29" Goal-Flex Goal Range
  • Overall Size: 96. x 48. x 32.
  • Playing Field: 89 ¼ x 41 ½
  • Apron: 4"
  • Leg Levelers: 2"
  • Power: 110V Fan
  • Accessory: 4 Pushers - 4 Pucks
  • Weight: NW 145 lbs. GW 162 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • One to Four Players
  • Handicapping
  • Moving Goal Options
  • Power Play & Penalty Features
  • Non-Stop Continuous Play
  • Interactive Heckler
  • Over 180 Game Variations
Item 868 DMI 8 Ft Table Hockey - Goal-Flex
Retail Price: $1395   Our Price: $995

Super Shot offers all the best and most profitable features of a basketball game. Up to 6 games can be linked together for interactive competition. A moving backboard creates four different challenging games. Great looks and real-life basketball sound effects makes Super Shot a winner with any crowd.

Dimensions: 127. L x 34. W x 108. H
Weight: 920 lbs.

Item 2012 Super Shot Basketball
Retail Price: $5995   Our Price: $5695

Click on picture for more detail

World's finest dance simulation game with 33 inch wide monitor.
Andamiro presents Pump it Up, the ultimate world dance simulation game. Become a dancing sensation as you move to the latest music hits accompanied by a spectacular light show. Feel the beat!


  • Weight: 862LBS
  • Height: 81"
  • Width: 44"
  • Depth: 36"
Item 6000 Pump It Up Dance Machine
Retail Price: $9495   Our Price: $8395  

Item 761 Coca-Cola TM Wurlitzer TM Nostalgic Soda Machine (red only)
Retail Price: $3695   Our Price: $3695

Professional Quality Texas Holdem Poker Table Wood Insert
Offering this Texas Holdem Poker Table Size 82" x 42" w/ oak wood finish, removable padded armrest with dealer area, metal cup holders and wood insert on surface, money slot and padded upholstery felt. Weighs 130lbs.

Item 15003 Professional Quality Texas Holdem Poker Table Wood Insert
Retail Price: $2495   Our Price: $1495

Click on pics for more details
The New Elvis Pinball
At last The King of Rock n' Roll meets The King of Pinball! ELVIS , the new pinball machine from Stern Pinball, Inc., is the first pinball ever to brandish the Elvis name and was designed by pinball's leading designer, Steve Ritchie.

The ELVIS pinball machine is a celebration of the music, the life, and the legendary legacy of The King of Rock n' Roll. Elvis collectors, pinball collectors, and operators alike will have to have this pinball.

In the ELVIS pinball machine Elvis sings, ."See See Rider," "Blue Suede Shoes," "All Shook Up," "Hound Dog," "Jailhouse Rock," "Heartbreak Hotel," and "Burning Love." Actual recordings are used from the famed "'68 Comeback" television special, as well as the "Aloha from Hawaii" television special. It's actually Elvis singing!

ELVIS sings and dances! A mechanical Elvis with shaking hips and gesturing hands moves forward and back in perfect sync with real Elvis tunes, bringing the microphone to The King Of Rock & Roll's lips every time he sings a phrase! This incredible effect of Elvis dancing and singing is highlighted with re-mixed high quality sound tracks that draw people into the game. ELVIS IS THE MOST MUSICAL PINBALL EVER CREATED!

In addition to the mechanical Elvis, the mechanical-action toys on the pinball include: a jailhouse (Jailhouse Rock); a Hound Dog that the player sends up a pole when hit; a five bank of drop target; and a Heartbreak Hotel with an opening front door on a clear Lexan second-level playfield.

The object of ELVIS is to collect Elvis songs, win the Top-Ten Countdown, and collect points by spelling out the name E-L-V-I-S. The player can then compete for the highest reward - a trip to Graceland.

More Info Even More Info

Item 9504 Elvis Pinball  (Only One Left!)
Retail Price: $5995   Our Price: $5195

> Ultracade <
The Hottest New Product That We've Ever Seen!
No room for all the games you want?
All your classic games in one beautiful cabinet saving you thousands of dollars
Tired of the old game cabinets with the 19" monitor?
All your classic games now in a Huge 25" color monitor not the old -19" monitors
Want a collection of all the classic games but don't want to spend $20-30,000?
Now you can and soon you'll be able to have over 1500 games

What is it?

Ultracade is the revolutionary multi-game arcade system from HyperWare. Ultracade comes pre-loaded with 86 games!

Ultracade Gamepacks are all comprised of licensed titles from leading manufacturers in the coin-op industry. These are as easy to install as 1-2-3.

  1. Simply insert the CD
  2. Enter the serial number
  3. Start playing!
All game packs may be mixed and matched within Ultracade to give players the ultimate mix of classic game entertainment.

Complete game w/ 86 games
Item 1430 Ultracade Machine with 86 games
Retail Price: $6995   Our Price: $3995
You can also add:
Midway Smash Pack
  • Asteroids
  • Defender
  • Defender II
  • Joust
  • KLAX
  • Robotron 2084
  • Tapper
  • Toobin
  • Item 1431 Midway Smash Pack 1
    Retail Price: $999   Our Price: $795

    Trackball Classics Pack

    The Trackball Classics Pack from UltraCade features the best all time trackball & spinner arcade games ever made.

    The Trackball Classics Pack comes with one 3" Trackball to upgrade your existing cabinets.

    Like all UltraCade game packs, the Trackball Classics Pack titles feature custom attract modes and instruction screens for each game, including AAMA ratings stickers and the original games attract mode in the unique windowed interface. The game play is identical to the original versions due to the impeccable accuracy of our system emulation. Plus, the original PCB switch settings are available to the operator from the game configuration menu.

  • Missile Command
  • Centipede
  • Milliipede
  • Gimme A Break
  • Crystal Castles
  • Rampart
  • Marble Madness
  • Tempest
  • Quantum
  • Item 1440 Trackball Classics Ultracade Pack
    Retail Price: $999   Our Price: $699


    The Megatouch e.V.o.
    Item 12400 Megatouch eVo
    Retail Price: $4995   Our Price: $3995

    Golden Tee 2005 Home Edition N/T
    Item 909 Golden Tee 2005 Home Edition N/T
    Retail Price: $5695   Our Price: $4495


    Two of the Greatest Hits
    of All Times at One Great Price!
    Ms PacMan and Galaga
    in One Machine
    This is all Brand New equipment
    from the original creator, NAMCO.

    Item 606 Ms.Pac Man, PacMan, Galaga Combo Video Game - Was $3695 now
    Retail Price: $4195   Our Price: $3195

    Super Chexx Ice Hockey
    • Polycarbonate Domes Eliminate Vandalism - Built To Last!
    • Overhead Lighting Adds Realism
    • Attractive Playfield Layout
    • New Electronic Design, New Sound
    • Lots Of Action and Scoring
    • Unpacked, actual dimensions: 60"L x 30"W x 54" H
    • Actual weight: 140 pounds (unpacked)
    • Built For Long, Trouble-Free Life
    • Great Games...At A Great Price!

    Item 133 Super Chexx Ice Hockey... NOW ON SALE for
    Retail Price: $3695   Our Price: $2995

    Rockola Bubbler CD-8
    The most popular jukebox of all times has been meticulously reproduced in the Series IV Bubbler.

    The Bubbles of air perk merrily to the top of the 8 bubble tubes, while a "kaleidoscope" of colors flows through the translucent plastics. It's the 50's all over again when the changer flips the CD right down in front of you.

    All 19 metal pieces are genuine die cast metal, triple plated with copper,nickel, and polished chrome. The base is finished in bright stainless steel.

    With quality in mind, only the finest hardwoods adorn this beauty. The handcrafted quality of these classics is a tradition we proudly continue.

    Item 100 Rockola Bubbler CD-8
    Retail Price: $6995   Call For Best Price 1.800.966.9873
    (Click on buy button for best price)
    Item 100-B Rockola Bubbler CD-8 in Black Lacquered Cabinet
    Retail Price: $7195   Call For Best Price 1.800.966.9873
    (Click on buy button for best price)

    Putting Challenge Masters Edition

  • 72 electronically changing contours automatically created by our patented breakthrough technology
  • Four 18-hole courses on two skill levels (2 Amateur and 2 Pro)
  • Authentic Game Mode or challenging Practice Green Mode
  • Computerized keypad displays/announces player's turn, hole number, penalty strokes, average putts per player and even cheers for a hole-in-one
  • Patented sensor system keeps score of every 1-, 2- or 3-putt for up to 4 players on 9- or 18-holes.
  • Automatic ball return rolls the ball right to your feet after every putt.
  • Finest, most true-to-life putting surface rolls at a 9.5 stimpmeter
  • Patented ball cup design offers the most realistic, level putting surface(without incline)
  • Sets up in minutes without tools
  • Easily portable
  • For indoor use only
  • Wall outlet required
  • 24" x 16" standing/chipping mat included
  • Built-in 2 foot extension for up to 8 foot putts
  • Putter & golf ball included
  • Product Dimensions: 118"L x 31"W x 38" H
  • Shipping Dimensions: 44"L x 33"W x 8" H
  • Shipping Weight approx 60lbs.

    Item 135m PUTTING CHALLENGE Ultimate Edition
    Retail Price: $1795   Our Price: $1295

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